Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marching band

This evening we had a lot of pre-bath fun playing marching bands. Quite impromptu, as it happens, as Raf popped this drum over his head and used his glockenspiel sticks to beat it as he marched up and down the hallway, insisting that I march with him whilst whistling the recorder. Soon Rich had joined us - Rich utilizing Raf's new train whistle (thanks Aunty Alice and Uncle Christian), and then we managed to even get mum up the stairs to join us on the tamborine. Up and down the hallway we all went, looking like complete lunatics with our instruments - but Rafi had a super time! Sadly I didn't get a picture or film of us all marching, but I did get one of Raf who would have marched all night had we let him.


  1. the more i see and hear of rafi the more i melt!

  2. He really enjoys music and dance :) Love you Rafi champ!!