Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We have all been so busy, but I thought I'd do a quick pop-in to update.

There have been some firsts, and also some sad realizations that Raf has stopped - or almost stopped - doing certain things.

Amongst the things he's started:

1) He had his first proper play-date with his old school friend, Sawyer, a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely time, and very nice to spend time with Sawyer's mum.

2) He's started pouting quite a bit, and looking absolutely forlorn when there's something he's unhappy about.

3) He's saying so many new words and putting lots together.

4) He's discovered Kipper! This is a lovely little cartoon and his nana says he likes it because Raf is a 'gentle soul', and also that it's teaching him good manners!

5) He has started his nanny share with his friends Nico and Rosa. While we do miss his lovely old school and all his wonderful teachers, this is working out really well. I will have to write much more about this very soon.

6) With more clarity in his speech, comes the realization that he knows so many things! I was so surprised that he knows lots of colours. Mind you, instead of saying the name of the colour, he often prefers to call the colour by the name of a train it corresponds to. Instead of red, for instance, it's 'James', and instead of black it might be 'diesel' or 'Mavis'. This might be my fault as I keep asking him which train is red/yellow/green/etc.

7) He's started to wear hats and gloves... phew.

There are a few things he's doing less, and it reminds us that he is such a big boy now....

1) He's stopped, for the most part, lying on Rich to get to sleep.

2) He's stopped eating vegetables (let this please be temporary), though he has started to eat brown sauce with his new spoon.

... I had a long list in my head but it must be getting late so I'll have to update this when I can think of some more.


  1. Looking forward to many more playdates!

  2. Super cute picture of Rafi with the lovely hat :)
    Our kids are growing very fast!!!