Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bits and Bobs

Busy times here in the Poppet household. We were of course very busy having just returned from Spain and then straight into a move followed by Christmas. We're still not properly settled in to the house, and tomorrow we're planning on a trip to Ikea to collect some bookcases, and so on. Wish us luck. We're all going down and we've hired a trailer...!

Hopefully once we get pictures up and books in bookcases, and more, we'll feel more settled in - but even so we are loving it here. We've been enjoying the trails and beach and Raf loves his room with his trains all set out. That said, he now has a huge collection of wooden train track downstairs and lots of trains to accompany it. Indeed the living room is one big train track. Luckily we discovered a really super train shop which carried second hand wooden Thomas track and trains. Today we snagged 8 wooden trains for $15 and tons of track for $12. Raf was in his element.

To catch-up on the week:

1) Raf started with his new nanny, Dani, last week. We were apprehensive since he loved his school but he really is a flexible little fellow and has adapted really well. We're doing a nanny share with some friends of ours, and he's already become fast friends with Rosa and Nico. He especially enjoys chatting with Nico in their own little language.

2) I had my first proper night away from Rafi on Thursday. I went away for a work retreat and was gone for 2 days. He did just fine without me! I was a little bit excited to sleep in my own bed on my own but the truth is I slept TERRIBLY because Raf is always right next to me. I think I missed him more than he missed me.

3) Raf also returned to Music Together on Friday. He had a terrible first experience when he was about 15 months, and we ended up withdrawing him and postponing enrollment. Yesterday was his first time. Very sadly I missed it (silly work) but he had a lovely time. Hopefully Rich will write more about that.

4) Raf is having a fine time with Nana. Nana spoils him rotten and he thoroughly enjoys it. When I was 5 a grumpy old lady commented to my dad that I was very spoilt. My dad responded, 'oh, don't worry, she thoroughly enjoys being spoilt'. That will be rejoinder should I ever need it.


  1. I LOVE that rejoinder! Your dad was a smart guy. :-)

    So happy to hear all are adjusting so well to the changes, and that you love your house. I miss you!!!

    And I know what you mean about sleeping badly when you finally have a bed to yourself. Same happens with me.


  2. a great rejoinder!
    lots going on for you! miss you guys. so glad raf is adapting well to the new nanny and home etc
    love xx