Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Traveller Raf

Raf is such a good traveler. On the way to Spain he did amazingly well despite having a fever. It was a long journey which took us from Maine to Boston to New York to Madrid to Alicante to my parents' home. 24 hours in to it we came to the train part. Although Raf was very excited about seeing the trains, he was not excited about being on one and it was 3 hellish hours with a very tired little fella. En route home he fell asleep in the car to the train station and had to be woken up... this did not make for a good train journey.... We stayed in a hotel in Madrid overnight and began our long jaunt home yesterday. It was another long ol' day as the Madrid to NY part is almost 9 hours. With 4 hours to go both Rich and I felt like crying... especially since Raf had a bad tummy! When we got to NY, though, Raf had just fallen asleep AGAIN as we were about to depart the plane so I thought we'd have a hard layover. Thankfully Raf fell asleep in his stroller and we had enough time to walk around with him before we had to go through security again and wake him up...

Here he is having just gone through security. Because of said upset tummy Raf had run out of outfits and was wearing his elf pajamas in the middle of the day. He had a lovely time running around the airport helping with the luggage.

We had fries and Fanta at McDonalds as Mum and Dad always do this on every trip to the States when they're waiting for a flight, and then we boarded our flight to Boston. After 90 minutes waiting to take off we got to Boston late and very tired. Rich was wonderful in that he drove us home. Raf slept almost all the way home and woke up at his usual USA waking time so I'm hoping he is not too jet-lagged (he went to bed with us very late in Spain).

We're all missing Dad, though, and this morning I woke up with a heavy heart realising that he wasn't downstairs with Mum. But friends, and friends of this blog, have been just lovely. Jen sent us flowers and is bringing food over, and my friend, Kate, left lots of food in the fridge for us so we'd have something to eat this morning, and the messages and cards keep coming. Thank you, all.


  1. i love you. what a trooper. so glad you're home safe. so sad for you though. call on me, if you need/want a pal. I love ya x

  2. Lots of love to you all Alex. I've been thinking of your family.

    Your son in his pajamas melts my heart.


  3. Glad to see you all made it back home after such a long and emotional journey. Thinking of you. Tash

  4. Alex, those elf pajamas! Oh, what a sweet boy. What a harrowing journey for you all, in so many ways. Sending you lots of xxs and oos.