Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This isn't the Christmas we hoped for. Mum and Dad had been due to fly in on December 20th and they were going to stay for at least a couple of months. With Dad's recent death we've all been dreading the holidays, but with moving we've really not had time to think or do much about anything. Yet we have a little 2 year old boy, who, while he might not really understand what's going on, deserved a nice day with pressies and some joy.

Indeed Raf really had no sense of what was going to happen, and when he woke up this morning with no anticipation of anything, he was very pleasantly surprised to find a stocking full of lovely presents! The first thing he happen upon was a train decoration, and it went uphill from there where he discovered a Diesel train as well as Belle (a Thomas the Tank Engine character). Unfortunately for Raf it wasn't all trains - and he was very unimpressed with other stocking goodies. He did like his raisins and juice, though, as well as the peppa pig books we had snuck in. Oh, and his recorder. He does like to play a tune.

He was very slow in opening his presents at first, and then - every so often - he would go and pick up a pressie (anything wrapped in train paper!) and open it. He was nonplussed with anything that wasn't Thomas! Toward the end of the afternoon, though, he was just liking the unwrapping and was ripping through everything... so we picked up the remaining hundreds of pressies and put them away for another day.

Raf did have a lovely day, and all of us were cheered by watching him dance to the Christmas tunes.

The boys enjoyed their Christmas dinner! Tofurky all around.


  1. Oh, I do hope that Rafi's cheerful Christmas day brought all of you some joy. I know your dad is there in spirit and I send all of you lots of love on this very difficult holiday. So pleased you're in your new home, which looks absolutely beautiful!

    Hoping that time will begin to lessen the urgency of your pain. xoxo

  2. I'm glad Rafi had a good time. I know things have so difficult. Praying for a good 2012.
    Your dogs are the cutest things ever (not like Rafi, but so cute for dogs!)

  3. Holidays can be trying at times like these...and it sounds like you were still able to bring joy to the house, in the form of Thomas the Tank Engine nonetheless! :)