Friday, December 9, 2011

Grandpa meets Raf

When Raf was born my parents, of course, were still in Spain. We planned to go across and see them as soon as we felt able to travel with a new baby. So in October of 2009, when Raf was just 3 months old, we took a bus from Portland to Boston and then hopped on a plane to Madrid and then another one to Alicante where my mum and dad were waiting. We'd been traveling for over 24 hours but we were all so excited to see my folks.

I remembered my mum calling me in the hospital when I had Raf, just an hour or so afterward, and then speaking to my dad and I told him how wonderful it was and how well it had gone and how it was the best thing ever, and he said, "I can tell in your voice, Billy".

They soon became fast friends.


  1. Lovely reminder of our first family trip to see Ma & Pa. Love Keith's 'shall I wake him up?' after a 24 hour trip!!

  2. Oh, now you're making me cry. What a sweet post.