Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's at Nursery

Raf has been having some hard drop offs at school recently, with some crying and clinging. Of course as soon as we leave he's happy as Larry, but it is sad to see him struggling. So it was lovely reading his little journal this evening as he had a great day! Mind you, he almost always has a fantastic time at nursery - except when he's feeling under the weather.

"Rafi, Rory, and Sawyer did a fantastic job taking turns this morning! We have a new push toy in the classroom and the boys all love working their big gross motor muscles with it. We used the clock to time their turns, practicing number recognition and patience too!

For circle time we had special guest Miss Alyssa join us as she came for a visit during her holiday break from the Maine Maritime Academy. The kids loved seeing her and showing off their newly acquired skills :) We sang songs, did some fast movement songs, practiced deep breathing, Qi Gong and the Warrior Pose before marching with instruments to their favorite 'What is Yoga?' We also have started charging our new citrine wand with good chi by passing it around the circle and thinking happy thoughts.

Outside Rafi again loved digging around in the leaves and tossing up big armfuls! He also played with the bulldozer, ran with Sawyer and Rory and played on the slide.

What a great day!"

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