Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday with Raf.

It has been a very difficult week in the Poppet household and today we were due a nice day. We all woke up with little sniffles but decided that we'd get out of the house for a little expedition. First, though, I whipped up some pancakes with Rafi's help. He does like to help in the kitchen. Here he is pouring in some flour followed by a bit of stirring. Then, though, he heard a favourite song come on and he got down from the stool and had a bit of a dance.

The time for Raf's nap was rapidly approaching so I packed up some sandwiches and soup and we bundled Raf in the car and decided to check on the progress of our new house we're building and find a nice spot to have lunch outside. Of course Raf didn't fall asleep until we were almost at the house so after stopping briefly to look through the window we got back in the car and made our way to the Rachel Carson preserve in Kennebunkport. We had our lunch - though Raf was a wee bit distracted by another family at the next table.

The loop around the preserve is just a mile but I did fear that I'd be holding Raf all the way around as he was not at first enjoying his new shoes. But, soon he realized that he would be able to run the entire way without being encumbered with doggies and passing cars. He had a fantastic time! He was so fast! He's definitely running like a little boy now, and less like a toddler.

Raf had such a happy day. We all did! He was exhausted when he got home and ran around like a lunatic! Thank goodness for this little boy.


  1. so much spirit and life in that little munchkin. it is so clear how loved and happy he is in these photos. i'm sending all of you so much love and hugs x