Monday, August 1, 2011

Water Grand Slam

Bringing Raf up in Maine - where we are surrounded by the sea, lakes and rivers - the importance of Raf being comfortable in water as a stepping stone to swimming is a big thing for us so we feel less stressed/anxious as he gets older knowing that Raf could survive any watery experience. At the moment he loves the water of all types and whilst he hasn't gone under the water except for a sneaky one-foot rogue wave at Sebago Lake which went over the top of him - he continues to head for any water, sometimes with his red lil' crab inflatable under his arm. He has been in the sea at Ferry Beach, Saco, the lake (many times) at Sebago Lake - pools indoor and outdoor plus on Sunday the Saco River - which completed his water grand slam for the summer! The Saco River is a beautiful river that starts in New Hampshire, going by our new favorite spot at North Conway before it snakes through western Maine where it loops by our house at a few spots before hitting the ocean at Saco, not far from where we'll hopefully be living by Christmas. One of it's local access points is at Limington Rapids (we also call it the Rocks) - where given the recent rain levels it can either be pretty calm as on Sunday or can be a quite dangerous. We use to take Kiltie down there and he loved to run around a small wooded area - he gave Alex the slip once and he also fell into the river once that lead to Alex jumping in to rescue him - luckily it was the boggy inlet side and not the faster running side.

Raf loved the river - there is a sand bank at one point and you can walk out quite far in two feet of water - it was warm in places too - a lovely unexpected dip in a beautiful river made our Sunday also since it's about five minutes from our house. If and when we move - we will miss the quick access to this old/new beauty spot - swapping the lakes and rivers for the sea, though just happy that Raf loves the water and he'll be swimming before long - which will help his parents relax a little!


  1. He's going to have a blast when we move to the beach, though. So glad he's a little fish in water, but can't wait until he can properly swim!

  2. I have been seeing his pictures and videos..Rafi enjoys being in the water :) I am sure he is going to be a little swimmer just like his mum :) Raami loves water too and really likes his swim vest.