Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Terrific Twos!

Wow. Raf is growing fast and is actually a bit of a monkey - as all 2 year olds should be. He is such a funny boy and has such a fun sense of humour. Yesterday we drove down to MA to visit the Ikea store they have there. We planned to leave in the morning to time some of the drive with Raf's nap.. well, of course this didn't work out quite as planned. He was tired as we went into the store and whilst it was a bit challenging, he still was funny as we walked around the showroom. At one point he climbed on a showroom bed and tucked himself in by pulling the duvet up to his neck and lying down!

Here are a few new things...

1) When we walk the dogs in the evening, Raf INSISTS on walking the dogs himself. It is very funny to see as he is just deliriously happy as he drags the poor pups around, but that happiness can dissolve into despair if a) the dogs don't do what he wants, b) he drops the lead, c) a car comes and we grab his hand/pick him up. Today he was almost inconsolable as a cyclist went by and Sammy started barking like a lunatic... Screaming child and yapping dog. What happened to our nice relaxing evening walks.

But look at how cute they all are!

2) As regular readers know, Raf does adore his trains. Right now, though, he loves an audience as he plays with them. Alas, the trainset it set up in the spare bedroom and when he wants you to watch him (ALL the time) he has a new thing whereby he grabs your hand - or, if a hand is not available, a skirt, trousers, etc) and runs - dragging you along after him. He is VERY insistent.

3) At any given moment Raf is a second away from desperate sadness.. well, not really, but he does give a good impression when he really wants something but it's not forthcoming. It's a little bit heartbreaking and I have to admit that I have engaged in a lot of lazy parenting lately to deal with these outbursts. I need some extra strategies when he has a really hard time coping with his strong emotions. Honestly I would say he is on the pretty mild side of tantrums when he has one, but I do want to help him out more with them so if you have tips and ideas I'd love to hear them!


  1. Ohhh I want to see this little one! :)

    My favorite tantrum strategy is to sit just at a distance, usually with a book (kids book!) and totally ignore. I've done this in public (e.g. the park, a store). You're not so far that they get scared, but just enough that they're curious as to why you're not doing anything about the escalating behavior. :) Sometimes it's even kinda funny. :)

  2. i love reading your updates. I've been lucky in not having to deal with too many tantrums - think I have got off lightly on many occasions. My tactic is often just to be unbending in what i've said if that's what has triggered the tantrum but to be a close mouthed companion in it in a way. For instance Zo would have a tantrum when we were leaving the jungle gym and if I stayed with her but didn't talk and didn't try to rush her on, just stopped and waited while she did her protest and then when she was coming out of it said "okay, sweety, are you ready now?" she would surrender and come. Elsie would throw tantrums when her parents left and be screaming and crying at the door for a while. I would try to get her to come in, offer her a hug, but of course she didn't want the mean ol babysitter at that point. So I just sat with her by the door quietly not looking at her except to say "they always come back" and "i know" until eventually I can sense when she's coming out of it and then I pick her upand hold her and she's at the point where that's a comfort rather than antagonising.

    i'm pretty clueless really lol and have to just go with my gut.


  3. Rafi is so cute and is so friendly with K and S :-)

    Lots of love and happiness to all three of you :-) take care!