Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The end of summer is looming... classes begin next week and Raf will be in school more often. He is loving it, but, you know, it is lovely to see him blooming but also a little heartbreaking that he is growing up so fast.

The one thing that makes it all so much easier, though, is Raf's very affectionate nature. He is the biggest 'kisser' I know! Kisses, kisses, kisses... He likes to kiss Rich and I at the same time so he holds out his arms (one directed toward each of us), air kissing - until we go over and jointly give him a kiss. In fact some meals are very long because we literally have to kiss him after every mouthful.

Actually, in the middle of writing this blog I went upstairs to help put Raf down (difficult night) and after every page we read we had to stop for a kiss.

Of course the day will at some point come when the idea of kissing us is simply mortifying, so for now we'll really enjoy it.


  1. Aw..Rafi! Though I haven't seen you in person, I can totally feel you :) You are such a sweet, cute, humble, soft, caring and adorable boy! Raami is blowing kisses and (((hugs))) to you :)

  2. This is sweet. So glad you are documenting it for posterity. xoxo