Monday, March 7, 2011

A quick hello

Very busy work week this week, but a couple of sweet sleeping pictures of the little one.

And also to say that we had a bit of a scare when raf fell off the sofa and hurt his arm. A trip to urgent care and his first x-ray showed no fracture, but he's been a bit down in the dumps because he's little restricted in what he can do. Thankfully his shoulder seems to be on the mend.


  1. Oh Alex, how is little Rafi's arm now? Thank god everything is turned out to be alright. They are getting naughtier day by day seriously! Take care Rafi boy.

    The sleeping pictures are very cute :) I always feel like waking Raami up when he is asleep ;) But as soon as he wakes up, he goes on to his business and I get tired chasing him. We both enjoy mom and son running race throughtout the day :D

  2. These are absolutely PRECIOUS!