Sunday, March 20, 2011

favourite things

We're a bit of a sick house.. well, me and Raf, but a nice weekend was had in spite of the sniffling and coughing. We did quite a bit of house-hounting, and Raf had a LOT of fun at all the open houses we went to. He especially liked going up and down all the stairs... up and down, up and down, up and down. Indeed this is one of his new favourite things:

1) stair climbing.

Another thing that Raf loved to do, especially at one of the houses we saw today, is to run around on decks. He runs up and down, up and down, enjoying the fresh air. It's been such a long winter. On Friday afternoon, Rich and I ventured out for a walk with the pups. Rich joined us after work and it meant, with two people, that Raf could get out of his push chair and run around a little bit... which is another favourite thing:

2) running around outside like a little lunatic.

Raf continues to love - actually, adore - Peppa Pig. We try and alleviate our guilt that he watches Peppa whilst eating breakfast by sitting with him trying to be interactive (this is a post grandparents' habit, btw!). Today he learned to say 'George', in a very sweet little accent (is he sounding English?), and then 'bounced' as the characters bounced on a bouncy castle. He can't quite jump but he bends his knees up and down as if to mimic the bouncing. It's quite cute! Whenever I say 'Raf, are you going to do some bouncing?' he does his little legs bends... and thus another absolute fav thing:

3) is bouncing, bouncing, bouncing!

Other favourtie things continue to be:

4) dancing
5) milks and cuddles
6) hide and seek
7) choo-choos
8) Thomas the Tank Engine and Peppa Pig books
9) running around the kitchen island
10) Daiya cheese


  1. and he's still one of my favourite things x

  2. How adorable. I can't wait till you're feeling better so we can see you!!! xoxoxo We'll be sure to ask for bouncing. (And we do have stairs at our house!!)

  3. Wow...we loved all the favourite things of the cutest boy Rafi :)