Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We're off on a trip to Florida!! Wish us luck with Rafi... I am not sure it's going to be as easy as our journey to San Francisco, but I guess we'll see. I'm going to a conference and so Rich is bringing Raf along. We're going to stay an extra night around Disney and hopefully the weather will be somewhat decent.

I'm meant to be packing since we're leaving here at 3:30am but I wanted to post this little pic of Raf and I. I had my longest day away from Raf yesterday. I was filling in for an adjunct whose class runs from 6-9pm. Raf was of course in bed when I got in, so this morning I decided to spend a couple of hours with him and put off our nanny for a couple of hours. We had a lovely time.. and Raf took a few pics with my ipod.

Other things he did today included giving me a lot of sloppy kisses, and then talking to my mum on the phone as though he was having a proper conversation. It was quite adorable.


  1. Wishing you three a very Happy and Safe journey! I hope Rafi enjoys the flight :) Good luck!!

    Adorable picture :)

  2. sure looks adorable. have a safe and fun trip. love ya's, ash

  3. Yea for extra "Rafi and Mum Time". I love these smiles.