Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Fifth Wiggle

In our 16 years plus together I never thought I'd see the day when private, introverted, reserved Rich would dance and sing to the Wiggles - and that he would do so with complete abandon! My guess is that he wouldn't appreciate me sharing pictures and video of him dancing with Rafi, but I have to say that it's incredibly sweet.

We had lots of ideas about Raf watching TV but the truth is we've failed horribly in our desire for him not to watch any TV. We used a portable DVD player to get us through our plane ride to San Francisco, and since then Raf has become quite obsessed with Peppa Pig. My parents spoiled him rotten when they were here, and it seems like a grandparent;s prerogative to allow their little ones to watch their favourite show whilst lying in bed, eating grapes and dried cranberries.

Whatever our rationalizations, it is the case that Raf is watching more than his fair share of TV lately. He only watches Peppa Pig and the Wiggles, but, you know... gah! Perhaps another rationalization, but Raf is very interactive with the Wiggles and dances and sings along the entire way through. We also dance and sing along with him, which makes me feel slightly better about him watching the box...

Before I go into more excuses for our permissive parenting I'll just leave a couple of clips of Raf's dancing.


  1. i've got more relaxed about tv with each child... i just limit the amount they watch each day. i actually find lila self regulates - after 20 minutes she's had enough... but still the mummy guilt niggles away.

    raf is so cute. have you tried maisy at all? lila loves maisy!

    kate xx

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  3. I can't watch videos on this thing so I can only imagine...and even that brings a smile to my face.

    Yesterday after a long week of "oh my goodness I can no longer handle full-time care of a 3.5 month old" I went to a friend's house where the large screen TV was on and C was...enraptured. Honestly, it was at that moment I got it. TV "works." No, I'm not setting the baby in front of the TV just yet (haha can you imagine?) but seriously after a long hard day, who wouldn't?

  4. you're good, al, don't sweat it my friend. It's all about the balance. And besides, perhaps this is the start of a dancing career lol xxx

  5. Okay, i felt so relieved to read these comments! lol My other friend Kate and I have talked about this quite a bit, and both of us think there is some class snobbery around TV watching. I think the research they've done doesn't do a good job of separating our confounding factors...

    Kate, I find that Raf is pretty self-regulating, too. He'll have a dance and then play with toys. I did just download some Wiggles music and he seemed to like that, too. He still loves Peppa and my mum and dad just sent him some more DVDs from the UK - thank goodness. We'll have to check out Maisie. I don't think you're the first to suggest it to us!

    Ash, LOL, it's such a relief!

    Thanks, Lou, I think he is going to be a little dancer, too! Miss you!!


  6. So cute, Alex! Yes, indeed, once one actually becomes a parent it puts all of those judgmental things we used to think into perspective. Everything in moderation. And it's not as if watching the Wiggles or Peppa Pig is the same as network TV with commercials!

  7. I should add that the show he was so taken with was one of those home redesign shows. Big flat screen flickering on the wall, product placement, and all.

  8. Cuty Cuty Rafi :) Loved his expressions along with the dance..sooooo sweet little boy :)

  9. I've been rumbled as the secret fifth Wiggle! If they ever need an understudy on their next US tour, I'm there - and I'll bring Rafi too!

  10. LOVELY, & alex we would pay good money to see rich doing the wiggle dance ,I BID 5$ xxx June