Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Good Sport

Despite another snowy, cold winter (that's three out of the last four), we have still endeavoured to keep running outside, and work towards some spring and summer races despite the conditions underfoot being less than ideal for the last two months. Alex is much more hardy than me, especially in the morning and will head out in really cold conditions that I wouldn't dare even think about - whilst muttering about hating our long winters and dreaming of hot, sweaty summer runs.

We try to run together at least once per week - and can only do that with our chariot and our good sport, Rafi, who comes along for the ride. We pack his water, snack box (usually pretzels, dried fruit), a few toys and books - and we're off for varying miles around local roads. We are so lucky that Rafi never complains, sometimes falls asleep - or as today will look out quietly as we shuffled for ten cold miles, seemingly content and warm to witness our sporting efforts. In the summer he will be hooked up again to our bikes and we head further afield, boy I'm looking forward to those days...

As we arrive home, pluck Rafi out and head into the house - we always thank him for another good run...


  1. Lovely post, indeed, sweety. Raf is such a good boy. We're very lucky.