Sunday, January 30, 2011

A week

Raf is really growing up. Sometimes it takes you by complete surprise, like this week when, as he sat on my lap as I tried to eat dinner, he started spearing lettuce leaves and feeding me. It was really very sweet and funny and Raf was most pleased with himself!

This week also marked the week of him liking something other than Peppa Pig. We popped on a DVD of the Wiggles, which I really quite like as it's just 4 unabashed men singing and dancing like utter loons. Raf has been dancing all week when we put the music on, and when he sees the dances he makes pretty good attempts to copy what he sees. It's one of those moments which makes me gush with delight and pride.

Here are a few other snippets of our week in a few words and a few pictures.

Last Saturday, Raf sat in his big boy seat facing forward for the first time. He had a fine old time being close to mama and papa.

Here he is relaxing with a Peppa Pig book en route to Rosa's second birthday party.

Raf loves to put all his toys into the bath whilst it's running... unfortunately he fell in this week while doing it. I didn't capture the exact time but here he is perilously close. It was pretty funny, though he didn't much like it, as he fell in head first and was completely drenched. Thankfully he didn't hurt himself and Rich was there 'supervising'.

Getting ready for a winter run with Mummy and Daddy.

Checking on Raf a few minutes into the run...

One mile in and already asleep.

Still asleep.

Enjoying brunch after a long run.

And, finally, a trip to the Peekaboo Children Center.


  1. What a wonderful update, Alex! He *is* growing up!!! I love the photos.

  2. Aw...Rafi is absolutely adorable :)

    Alex, I can see a budding dancer !!