Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chin Chin

My mum and dad fly back to Spain tomorrow. We're all very sad about it and hoping that their flight is delayed because of the snow so that they can stay a bit longer. Most likely they'll be on their way, though, and we're going to miss them. it's been a very fun time.

Tonight we had our good-bye meal and Raf learned to 'cheers' with his beaker! He especially liked it when we taught him to 'chin chin'. It's his absolute favourite thing to do, it seems!

But before that, as I was playing with Raf saying (as I am apt to do repeatedly) "I love you" - he responded 'I ya', and then said, over and over again in response to my 'I love yous'... " I la. I la". I am sure this is his first attempt at saying "i love you". How my heart melted...


  1. what a sweetheart. i love seeing these pictures, alex (would love seeing you folks in person even more!)
    xo fia

  2. He'll be saying "I Love You" in no time! Chloe just started saying it to (well more of an "I Wuv Ou" sound), it truly is a precious moment!

  3. Raf was so funny, how many times was it in the end? xx