Saturday, December 18, 2010


A quick note to report that my folks are here! They arrived on Tuesday night and it's been great to see them. Raf is LOVING having them here. He is incredibly sweet and loving with them, and they have been lovely with him. My mum had a HORRIBLE fall en route here, which involved a trip to the hospital. Unfortunately her face is so bruised (2 massive black eyes) ALL over that we've been laying low. I have lots of end of the semester work to do, though, so hopefully she'll feel better in time for some Christmas shopping next week.

In the mean time, this pic of Raf with my Dad just make me so happy!

Happy holidays, all!


  1. oh god that sounds awful. send her my best wishes. xxx

  2. So sorry about your mom! I was just going to say that you should feel free to bring them on Weds. If she's up to it. This will be a multigenerational get-together.

    Love the photo. Hope this visit is wonderful!

  3. Sorry to know your mom is not well. Hope she is feeling better now!! Rafi looks so happy in the picture :)