Saturday, December 11, 2010

Story of my Life

This pic...

Raf has always been a snuggly little boy, but at the moment he rarely likes to be put down. it is very hard to get things done as he clings to my legs until I pick him up. He'll sit in his highchair and snack whilst I cook (though not always) but as soon as I sit down to eat, too, he cries until he's sitting on my lap trying to eat my dinner. It is lovely having the extra hug time, but it's thoroughly exhausting especially since he even cries when I go to the bathroom during the night.

I'm sure it'll pass soon, and as soon as it does I'll be so sad, but i think for now I'll try and pop him in his Beco or Ergo and see if that helps.

If not, any ideas?!


  1. Oh, Alex! What a photo! That is just so sweet.

    Other than using your carriers, I'm not sure what to suggest, except to say that (as you note) it will not be forever. Just yesterday I was taking Sage to the grocery store. She walked beside me through the parking lot, holding my hand, and I remembered how I always used to have to carry her in (even until she was 4, I think). And how I used to sometimes bring my Ergo to the store because sometimes she would not want to ride in the cart, and I couldn't carry her *and* push the cart at the same time! But there she was, contentedly holding my hand and walking under her own power. So when they're ready, they'll break away on their own, and they'll do so happily if they always know they have a secure place in Mum's arms.

    In the meantime, though, it makes it easier to share your lap and your food if you know this is only a very narrow window of time. :-)


  2. hey al, my only thought is if it would help to have a high chair that allows him to actually sit AT the table w/ you (you might already have a similar set up, but just in case!). these ( are awesome but really expensive; there have got to be less pricey equivalents out there. I know it wouldn't get him into your lap, which is what he wants, but it might make him feel more a part of things and closer to you without the high chair tray keeping him separate. He could still eat off of your plate (lol, lucky you!) and even hold your hand and it might give you some more freedom to eat without having him actually ON you. It's a way to maybe give him the closeness he is seeking without compromising your ability to get some dinner in you and sit for a bit without a little monkey all over you! Kaya loved her chair (they did have the tripp trapp); they used it from when she was 8mos... and she's still in it at nearly 5, so it is a good investment in that way.

    And yeah, beyond that, bringing the carrier and waiting it out is probably your best bet! It definitely passes.

    lots of love to you folks!
    xo fia

  3. It will pass. Such a cute picture!

  4. lila does this too and all i can say is that it peaks around 18 months and does pass... eventually :)

    kate xx