Friday, December 31, 2010

It was a very Peppa Pig Christmas!

We had a really lovely Christmas with my mum and dad visiting. Raf is still a bit young to have a sense of what Christmas is, and my fears about him pulling down the tree, ripping presents open, and more were totally unfounded. He ignored the tree, for the most part, only showing interest in the red balls that he like to take off and put back on... He really had a nice day, though, and whilst he mostly was not that interested in his gifts, he did really love some of them, especially his Peppa Pig pressies! Funny boy.

Here's our day in pictures.


Father Christmas has been!

A pre-breakfast present from Granny and Grandpa!

There was a lot of happy shrieking during breakfast.

Raf was mostly non-plussed about his gifts except his Peppa Pig DVDs, his Peppa Pig books, his trains, his trucks, and this lovely wooden toy given to him by Jen.

Raf was totally underwhelmed by his rocking moo! He's since kissed 'Daisy' and had a bit of a rock but he's still apprehensive.

Raf loved his Peppa Pig books. Here he sat for a long time - reading and eating his Christmas stocking grapes.

Christmas pajamas!

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  1. What adorable photos, and how lovely that Rafi (and you) got to spend Xmas with your folks. I'm also very glad he's enjoying his push toy. Cute pjs, too!