Saturday, April 17, 2010

9 month wellness check up

we're still a sick house, and poor Rich has bronchitis. But on Wed we also had Raf's 9 month wellness check up. What a big boy!

Height - 28.75 inches, which is quite a growth spurt
Weight - 20 pounds, which is a little less than he weighed a week or so ago but he's been ill and so Deb wasn't worried.
Head size - sheesh, he has such a big head! The first measurement was 51cm and so Deb remeasured for a noggin' size of 49cm. This still makes for a head size that is WAY off the charts!!


  1. he's got a lot going on in there, his developing thoughts need room!

  2. that bloody ash cloud better do something with itself far away from here and not between you and here because I will ..i will...i will think of something to do that will make that volcano very sorry. yes.

  3. lou, I didn't book tickets today because I'm a wee bit worried about this damn ash!!! Any sense when flights will be up and running in the Uk?