Sunday, March 14, 2010

sick house

Hi all, we've had a miserably sick couple of days, culminating in a trip to the ER last night so that we could get some nausea meds and fluids. Neither Rich nor me could keep anything down and we were fast becoming dehydrated. Raf had been sick since Thursday - with projectile vomiting and diarrhea. Since he wasn't in awful sprits we weren't too worried. Raf has yet to cut a tooth and we thought that he might be teething, but yesterday Rich and I became afflicted with the same thing - only it was much worse. I guess those mama milk antibodies help in many ways.

We wouldn't usually go to the ER! but we felt pretty desperate as could not keep even an ice chip down and Raf was needing his milkies. being a mama when you're sick - and when you're child is sick too - is a real challenge. It would have been easier if Rich was healthy but he was just as bad. Thank goodness my parents were here, My mum cleaned up my sick and took care of Raf for a couple of hours when we came home this morning..

Here's raf asleep in his hospital bed!


  1. oh alex you poor poor love. I hope you're all feeling better soon.

    love lucy x

  2. you poor things, it sounds awful. glad your mum helped and hope you all feel better really soon x

  3. Hi Alex! So glad your mom was able to help and that she and your dad did not get it.

    I said it on FB but I'll say it here, too--the only thing worse than being that violently ill is needing to take care of a sick child at the same time! It's just SOOOOO hard! I am so sorry for you all and I hope you are starting to feel better. Raf looks happy but tired in the photo!

    xoxox to you all. We would love to see you this week if we can manage it, and of course I've been carrying around your container all of this time, too!


  4. Hi you guys. Rarely get on the computer but thought I'd take a long overdue look at the blog. Sorry you've been poorly. Cripes, I had the same thing yesterday and not feeling so great now but nothing to grumble about as no sick baby to look after. Bear's well and good, and Habs was home too. Hope the wee fella is on the mend and you guys are getting better. Poor loves. Speak to you soon xxxx

  5. hope you are all feeling much better.

  6. Thanks, everyone! And hey, Bex, nice to see you visit!!

    We're doing quite a bit better... well, sort of!! And, Jen, looking after a very sick baby when you are VERY sick is the pits. Mercy, it has been a long few days...

  7. Alex, first of all ((((Hugs))) I am sorry for ER visit. But glad that your mom was with you. Poor Rafi looks soo dull in the picture :( He needs more mommy cuddle! Get well soon Raf, Alex and Rich.

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