Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half Marathon with Raf

Today Rich, Raf and I traveled down to NH to watch me run my first half marathon. For those who have known me a while you will know that I used to be an avid runner. Unfortunately 8 years ago I injured my foot and hadn't been able to run. Oddly I found that I was able to once I had Raf. Since January I've been training for my first ever half marathon. It's been lovely running again, and even though I am now incredibly slow I have never enjoyed running as much.

Both Rich and I have signed up for halfs (rich's is in two weeks), and today it was my turn. Rich made it such a special day. He made me a banner (for Raf to hold), and when we got home he had arranged a lovely little party for us and my folks. I was treated to some very cool things - from balloons to a specially made vegan cake.

Rich and I are both keen for us to bring up Raf in an active family, and for us to really show him that you can enjoy movement, your body, and the outdoors. Unlike previous races - where I've felt under a lot of pressure to be 'fast' - it was exciting mostly because we had Raf, and it was really wonderful and fun to share such an event. As I crossed the line I spotted them both and waved; quite a difference from when I used to run when I was absolutely pulling myself inside out to be fast... Rich would wave and I would scowl wondering what on earth there was to be happy about!

Before we left Rich produced a little banner he and Raf had been working on! So sweet!

Here we are before the race... It was freezing!

I had no idea where the finish line was as it wasn't the most organized event in the world, so sort of sauntered over the line, but I did break the 2 hour mark (which was my goal). I don't know the official time but I could see it was around 1:58.

Happy to finish! Found Rich and Raf straight away and it was so sweet to see Raf smiling up at me (he doesn't know his mama is so slow!)

When we got home I discovered that Rich had planned a surprise party! It was so lovely - and I was so touched that he'd gone to such a lot of trouble. There was a balloon, sparkling apple cider, a foot spa, a massage voucher for tomorrow, and a surprise cake! The cake is the most amazing cake I have seen... as it's shaped as a running show, with the words 'Mummy's a winner' on it. I can't bring myself to slice it, so we'll have some tomorrow :)

And a spa!


  1. you're so funny not being able to bring yourself to cut the cake! Just look at how Rafi is looking at you in the third picture - that's love right there. And I love the banner. Rich, you are such a sweetheart! I love you guys. well done, al!

  2. Well how completely adorable! Richard, this is all just so lovely. I love the photo of the three of you with the balloon. Rafi is going to be so proud of his parents for achieving so much. Alex, I'm so happy for you! And good luck, Richard! (And p.s. the cake was really cool!)

  3. What wonderful pictures! And an amazing cake! Congratulations on your race, I think that's an incredible thing that you did for yourself.

  4. I'm still amazed that you did this race, and did so well in your first half-marathon after everything that is going on. Plus to train in the cold Maine winter, and still enjoy the thrill of being back running after eight years!! Then to be in a race that had little going for it - where was the finish line again - indeed I was glad nobody got knocked over in the finish straight with that comedic organization but you finished strongly and with a smile!!