Thursday, January 7, 2010

A mini break to CT

We just returned from a fabulous trip to CT to see a family friend and her family. We actually stayed at a resort casino as our friend works there, and we had a super time. The room was amazing, with a massive jacuzzi hot tub in the room. It was more a suite than room and the living area looked over spectacular land (picture below.. sort of). We stayed a couple of nights and it was a much needed and appreciated break from the humdrum of home; especially as I go back to work.. well, now.

The first night jill, our host, suggested we go to dinner. Now, Rich and I are vegan, we have a 6 month old baby and the idea of going out to dinner is always a nerve wracking proposition. Not least because I worry about meltdowns (if Rafi has a meltdown then I'm sure to have one, too!) and other diners... but after some texting with Jill we decide we will go for it and we go to go to quite a posh restaurant. Rich and I are not fine diners - so this was a real treat, and definitely a new experience for Raf! And my concerns about Raf were unfounded. He was such a trooper. it was past his bedtime and we took the stroller for him to sleep in it shoudl he want to.. well, he did, and we spent a fun 3-4 hours eating exceptional food.

The next day I enjoyed a run around the hotel grounds. because it was so icy and COLD, I couldn't run on the trails so it wasn;t the funnest 5 mile run, but, when I returned back to the room and snuggled with Raf, Jill called to say she'd booked me in for a spa and massage!!! let me say that this is a very upscale spa.. it is nothing like I've been to before. The hot tub (pool!), steam rooms, and so forth are pretty fabulous, and the massage - a deep tissue - was out of this world, though I shoudl add that it was painful! The massage therapist asked how the pressure was and being the English person I am I gritted my teeth and gasped, "oh, it's good' :) Still, it was a real treat and a very appreciated surprise.

After my spa we headed out into the casino - which is enormous. We didn't of course go in to the actual casino, but to the many stores and restaurants. We found, yes, you guessed it, a Panera Bread (though a more expensive one!) and enjoyed lunch, and when we got back to our room the boys napped whilst I lapped up the view. We headed into Mystic that afternoon and then to Jill's house for another night of fun.

Thanks to Jill et al for a really great trip. We felt really looked after and it was like visiting family. Jill's son Matt was there and another guy from England), so we were surrounded by familiar accents.

On the way home we stopped off in Worcester, MA, and visited with the lovely Fia! The first time she'd met Rafi..

Hanging out in our room.

Not a great picture, but the view from our window. It was almost like a glass wall looking out over this beautiful view.

Raf snuggling in bed with Daddy.

We headed to Mystic in the afternoon, It was freezing! But a really sweet town. We ambled around a book store and some how ended up 'Mystic Pizza'!

We got to hang out at Jill's lovely (very New England) house. We sat in front of the fire enjoying tea; this was followed by dinner at a really great little restaurant around the corner. Again, lovely food.

raf and Daddy keeping warm by the log fire.

Jill and raf enjoy a cuddle.

On the way home we stopped off to see our dear friend Sophia. We met in, of course, Panera Bread, though it was in Worcester, MA. ( did try a bit of Rich's veggie soup, the last yucky morning sickness food.. it was fine!).


  1. you really deserved this treat and I'm glad you felt the love. And rafi looks so contented. I love the pics with fia!

  2. Yes, indeed, you did deserve this! So happy for you. The pix are great.


  3. It was a wonderful few days away - meeting old friends, great food, trying to get Raf to sleep in the middle of a casino! Bit sad about no 'Mystic Pizza' but there's always next time!!

  4. If you stop in Worcester again, you should check out one of the really good vegan-friendly restaurants. Here's a good list:


  5. Little boy looks so happy with CT nice :) All of you looking super cool in the pictures...Rafi has a beautiful smile just like you Alex :)

  6. aw, Raami's mama, you're too sweet! We had the most loveliest time!

    Drew, thanks for the head's up. We don't frequent Worcester too often (actually this was our first time!) but we're always searching for new places to eat.

    It was so nice to see fia, too. Raf just adored her. xx

  7. You were in my neighborhood--were you are Mohegan Sun?? I was curious what restaurant you went to? And yes...the planets have to be aligned properly for me to take our son out for a dinner!!

  8. Aw, I didnt realise you were in CT, Michelle! We were actually at MGM (friend is VP there), and the restaurant was one of the fine dining, swanky places there ( I forget the name). I would never even usually attempt to take Raf to dinner anywhere other than panera bread or Flatbread Pizza, usually, but our friend was very confident that it would all work out! It did! And it was a lot of fun - especially as we so rarely eat out!