Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well I am a horrible blogger lately. Must do better... as there's so much to report, but by the time I come to do it I've forgotten what it is that I wanted to write! So a quick list:

1) Rafi rolled from his front to his back a few days ago. He kept on doing it... though today he wasn't really into it :)

2) I'll write a post about this properly (tomorrow...) but Raf is partly sleeping with us, partly in the Amby that Angie and Dennis gave to us. We're all sleeping better because of it (especially the little guy), but I feel sad, too, because i do live snuggling up with him. He's still in our room, of course, and as soon as he's not wanting to sleep on his own we bring him into bed with us. So he's sleeping with us from around 1-3:30am. Around 3:30 he wakes up all wriggly.. I used to take him downstairs and he'd feed and nap in the swing, but putting him back in the Amby after a quick snack is working really well... so far. We keep reminding ourselves that there's plenty of time for cosleeping.

3) So many changes in Raf. he is more social, mobile, cheeky :) We're just adoring him.

4) Stressful too. And between Rich's full time job, part time masters, and me trying to get some work done and attend meetings with students and colleagues, it's been hard. it's even more of a challenge not to take out the stress and frustration on Rich (and for him, on me), but we both have to remember that whilst this is a lovely time, it is extremely stressful.

5) I had my first day at work yesterday. I had to go in for a big meeting. Rich brought Raf in between meetings so I could feed him, so I wasn't away from the little guy for more than 3 hours, and he and Rich had a nice time together, but I got a glimpse of my life when I return to work and I am somewhat anxious about it. The biggest challenge may be pumping at work. Eek.

6) For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload pics, but Ill try again later. Hope I have some readers left :)


  1. I am right there with you! Yet to update the blog!!!
    Thats so nice to hear about Rafi's new activities. Love to see his rolling pics :-)

  2. If you haven't already, ask your supervisor about a clean, private place to pump. If you run into any resistence or they say you have to use a restroom, kindly point out the Maine state law that went to effect in September (.PDF file: http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/bills_124th/chappdfs/PUBLIC84.pdf ).

    I ran into this problem when I went back to work and had to pump in a restroom -- while people were going in and out of the stalls around me. I wouldn't wish that kind of humiliation on anyone! Going back to work is hard enough without the added anxiety!

    -- SereneKitten

  3. Raami! I just posted some pics! I'll be sure to check your blog for updates! I tried to capture Raf rolling on film, but so far no luck.

    Serenekitten, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience with pumping. I am VERY lucky to have my own office with a LOCK. I don't know what I'd do without it. It's difficult because on the one hand it should be absolutely the case that facilities are there to pump, but on the other hand women are always judged to be somehow incapable once they have kids. It's really sad. And, wow, I am just horrified by your experience. You poor thing. Can you imagine asking people to eat their lunch in the bathroom? It's inhuman. It's already inhuman to make new mothers go back to work so soon, but to do this... ((hugs)) Thanks for the link.. it's good to know that maine has somewhat progressed in this area.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. Hi A! Love these updates. The photos are ADORABLE!

    Sounds like there have been lots of developments out your way. I forget--did you say that Raf's taking a bottle yet? If so, of course, the pumping will work great. That is, if you're comfortable doing that.

    We SO need to catch up. Maybe after T-day we can arrange a little something. ;-)

    xoxoxo Miss you all!