Saturday, March 11, 2017

Valentine Celebrations Galore!

Almost a month later... and I'm just getting around to blogging about Valentine's Day. We celebrated it multiple times... First before mum left - which was our main celebration. Yummy cakes and delicious fizzy, pink wine. 

And heart shaped cheese on toast!

And, yes, beanie boos!

Then we worked on our Valentine project. Since I am the least crafty person in the world, I sort of feel liberated from having to produce anything too fancy for the boys' various schooling functions - but at the same time... well, yes, I do feel a little bit of a 'must do something'. So the children designed their own cards and I turned them into proper cards - and spent a fortune printing them off since Raf has to send in enough cards for TWO classes plus all the teachers, aides, and volunteers.

Charlie's handwriting is really coming along.

And then we had a dance at Raf's school. Chaz bumped into some of his preschool friends there.

She wasn't terribly impressed.

 And then a party at our house for some neighbors.

A snowstorm was coming down outside but we all felt nice and cozy :) The next day (a snow day), it was time to work on putting our cards together. And little gifts for Charlie's friends.

Unfortunately hats and I were really very poorly going into Tuesday - so it was a bit lackluster of a day. Still Rich set up the table beautifully...

Hatts and I not feeling our best. 

But more Beanie Boos!

Sadly I couldn't make the school party - but Rich was able to go. They had a lot of fun.

And I enjoyed my lovely gifts from Rich.

A lovely holiday season - an opportunity to escape the January blues.

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