Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day out to the Science Museum.

Last week the children were on Spring Break. Rich took some time off and so did I, and on the Thursday I took the children skiing for the first time (blog to come) and on the Friday we all headed down to Boston for a trip to the Science Museum. We were a little last minute, but once I saw the temps were going to in the 70s we decided to hit Bean Town! En route we stopped for a picnic and enjoyed the sunshine. 

And then we parked the car just outside of Boston and got the T into the city. Charlie was very excited that the tickets are called Charlies! 

After discovering a poor chap in a lift overdosing on heroin and calling an ambulance, we walked to the museum. Hats insisting on walking the entire way... made for a long stroll.


The museum was fabulous! Here are the boys checking out a rocket ship. 


Old ships.

And what we'd come down for... dinosaurs. 

Checking out a dinosaur footprint. 

And a T-Rex one. 

We didn't leave empty handed!

This big orange guy was a special toy for Charlie. He liked the T!

We'll head down again soon. Raf loves the big city, and we're not members of the Science Museum!

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