Sunday, April 10, 2016

Costa Rica! Getting Ready Here We Come

We've just returned from a fabulous week and a bit in Costa Rica. I was heading to San Jose to a conference to give a paper, and since I'm on sabbatical and had the extra time we thought, why not go on a family break afterwards? So off we went. But taking a trip with three children 6 and under is not necessary straightforward, with lots of planning and packing for all the eventualities you try to anticipate... A few pics from what I thought (hoped!) would be our last trip to Target... until Raf broke his new flipper and I had to rush back a few hours before we were to set off!

Picking up a new water bottle for Daddy... 

And the boys got some new sun hats.

And then packing their bags and their little suitcase filled with (what seemed like random) toys.

And a new book on Costa Rica!

Harriet helpfully (un)packing.

Our flight left early from Boston (6am) so we had to be there early enough to park the car in longterm parking, deal with anything that might come up, etcetera... so we left around 1am, after a couple of hours sleep (poor Rich didn't sleep at all, though he got a little rest en route down). Raf stayed up for the entire trip to Boston, though, keeping me company when his young siblings finally got to sleep.

it was a long wait at Boston, but we had bought the kids some little swim bags with a few little treats in to keep them occupied.  And then we were boarding...

Hatts was out for the count as we boarded.

We had a 2 hour layover in Florida, which ended up being a good thing as the children could run around and get out some energy.

Mind you, they were amped up on little sleep and lots of rubbish food. Raf looking a little maniacal.

And then flight 2!

We arrived in San Jose, weary and a bit overwhelmed as it's a bit of a nightmare getting through the customs there in terms of the busyness and the HEAT! Someone helped us through, we got our bags searched somewhat randomly it seemed, and then we got into a taxi and headed to the conference hotel. All the children fell asleep and Charlie and Hatts continued to sleep in the hotel... but of course Raf was DESPERATE to get into the pool... so off we went. 

A waterfall!

And then Rich came down with the other two. And Hatts LOVED her first time in a pool.

Charlie liked the hot tub :)

And then to a conference welcome with my friend and colleague, Brian.

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