Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting Ready for Easter!

Easter was a lovely, lovely time, with lots of egg hunts and activities in the run up to the day. Rich and I had given up things for Lent... so I enjoyed a nice cold diet pepsi on Friday, and Rich enjoyed a nice beer! 

The week before we headed to the Saco Rec Easter hunt. All the boys best friends were going so up we went, in below freezing temps, and a Charlie who I had to literally manhandle into a coat, for a three minute egg hunt! Brief but very, very fun.

A few of the crew...

Warming up inside.

And then the yearly 'making a vegan cadbury's creme egg' day!

So delicious. And worth the labour.

And then the day before Easter we headed out to another Easter egg hunt. We met briefly with some neighbours, but our other friends sadly couldn't make it as their little guy was poorly. I was solo with the children as Rich was on a bike ride with a new crew (it was cold... I didn't envy the brave man!) It was absolutely crazy there... so many people!

The boys were in different areas for their egg hunts so I went with Charlie and Raf headed to the big kid section, which ran parallel. This was a really great event, in spite of the craziness.

Digging into the treats immediately.


Then for some face painting...

Transformed into a bunny!

Two of them :)

And then to see some sweet little animals.

The boys loved feeding the goats, bunnies, and donkey.

And we finished up the morning with some crafts.

And a final goodbye to the bunnies.

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