Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The boys have just finished up a very fun season of basketball. Raf was playing with some of his best pals, and they had a fabulous time. For Raf it was first and second graders together, so a vast difference in height, ability, and success! Raf, especially, loved it, though, and made so much progress in such a little space of time. He likes to hustle when he plays!

During the last game, Raf's team was losing quite spectacularly. That didn't put Raf off. He tried and tried to get a point, and in the last few minutes dribbled the ball for more than half the court before missing the shot. But then he did it again... moving down the court, looking for another player to pass to, but not finding anyone available he tried the shot again and SCORED! Everyone cheered (who does not like the underdog to score, especially a little blonde one!). I will admit there was almost tears! Even the coach of the other team high-fived him, and afterwards a few of the parents from the other team let him know he'd done a very good job.

More than that basket, though, Raf had a blast playing, and especially was pleased to be with some of his best pals. Rohit was on another team, but thankfully we saw him often!

Charlie was also signed up, and he might have been a bit little. But he got to play with his pal Benjamin, so they paid very little attention together!

I know one person who is probably glad the season is over, though!

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