Thursday, February 5, 2015


Chas is a bit of a character, to say the least! He does come out with some classic lines. Yesterday he said: "look at my hip hop" (and started to dance... I don't know where this came from). When I said to the boys, 'this is the last show before bedtime', Chas responded with the voice of a sullen teenager, "BORING". When I said 'no' to some snack food he said, "Not fair. You're a naughty mummy". And when Rich tried to give him a different jam bar (we'd run out of the Prince's usual organic ones), he took a bite, said "Yuck" and exclaimed, "I want a better bar"!

As I sit here, he just said to Raf, who had taken the first bite of a shared yogurt: "HEY!!!!!! You're naughty, Rafi!" He says it with such indignation. 

it's difficult to believe that he's only 2 and a bit. He's going to be such a mischievous little boy...!

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