Monday, February 17, 2014

16 Months old!

Charlie is 16 months old today. He is an absolute spitfire! He adores trains (go gos), books, and getting into general mischief. He bangs his head at least 15 times a day, drives his brother a little bit bonkers, at times, and is incredibly affectionate and sweet. This weekend Rich had the delight of taking both boys to a party at a bouncy castle place. Rich came back withered and aged and described how Charlie had been relentless in his desire to get into things he shouldn't. I've had that experience myself when I've had to take him to gym class with me.

He's usually very outgoing, though sometimes he's a little shy around new people and when he's just waking up. Every morning, as soon as it's a little light, he points to the trains and then to the light, and once I've turned on the light off he toddles, usually in his wearable blanket, bleary eyed and half asleep to play with his beloved trains.

He's fairly petite in person. He's 30.5 inches (25th percentile) and just under 22 pounds (10th). His head is holding steady in the 75th,... He's just not interested in eating. And when he does, he keeps the food in his cheeks for a long while and either eventually swallows it or spits it out. He otherwise makes up for it by nursing all night long. He is such a cuddler so I shouldn't complain that Charlie has not even been close to sleeping through the night once in his life. I keep remembering that Raf was like this, too, and now he sleeps through the night virtually every night.

Happy 16 months, Charlie, or Charves, as Raf sometimes calls him. You are a funny, feisty, lovely boy.


  1. Charves! You're keeping us on our toes - one hospital visit already and I expect another any day - probably head related...You can eat the food in those cheeks - another slime green puddle on the floor is not nice to clean up! I will forget those two hours at the Bounce Zone - and instead focus on your passions - trains and blowing on my belly when you get the chance....xx

  2. He's lovely Alex. It's such an exhausting, wonderful fun age!
    Hope you're all keeping well. x