Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

We had a pretty nice weekend. it began on Friday after Rafi's one month appointment. He is such a BIG boy! On Tuesday the traveling nurse came to weigh him, and he was 9 pounds 15 oz. By friday he was 10 pounds 4.5oz. He is gaining more than a pound a week... what a chuffer he is. On the other hand he's not very long, so Rafi is turning into quite the Buddha baby :)

And then I went on a walk with Kate.. Raf stayed home with Pops. It was my first walk in over a month without a little poppet hanging around my neck!

Here's a few snapshots of the rest of our weekend.. including a trip to Sebago:

This is where Rafi and I spend a lot of our time together.. to my left is my computer, water, remote controls...

Tummy Time!

Check out this strong neck!

Having a breather...

He's almost walking!!

Then we took a trip to the trail and hiked down to Otter Pond where we like to swim...


  1. Aw, these are great, Alex! I especially love the last one with him peering out of the sling. What a cutie. I'm so pleased he's growing so well. And I hope his tummy is calmed down a bit?

    And hope you two are well. I'm hoping to see you some time this week. xoxoxo

  2. Isnt that cute,Jen!! Hope to see you Thurs or Fri!

    love A

  3. He can do push ups! :-) I love the photos of the two of you by the water. Jocelyn would be fortunate to see a creek!