Saturday, November 28, 2015

November Hikes

November is drawing to a balmy close following a lovely Thanksgiving with mum, Rich, and the children. Mum's and Harriet's first one! We've managed to sneak in a few hikes this November, after a lackluster October because of general weekend busyness (so many birthday parties!) and a couple of weekends of one of us being a bit poorly. Still, we have had some nice walks... 

A miracle selfie where everyone is looking forward and looking more or less happy (almost, anyway). It was a lovely walk in Oceans Park and was made even nicer by the fact that mum was home cooking Sunday roast (tofurky) dinner. Delicious after a walk with the crew.

The following weekend we hit an old favourite, Saco Heath, with some of our favourite people. Luckily Gideon and Violet came dressed as Santa so we were safe from hunters who might have been lurking in the trees.

Charlie insisted on being the leader...

Poor Raf wasn't himself and when we returned home we realized why... a 103.8F temperature.

The best of friends.

The next week we hit another annual favourite, the Wells Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve. Sadly most of the photos of this are on Rich's now dead phone, but we have a couple of darker ones... This is a special hike to us. Just before Dad died in 2011 we sent pictures back of a 2 year old Raf running the trail with sheer delight. They were the last photos dad saw of him (and us) and he loved them. I remember him commenting on the phone, 'I've never known a boy like it'. Each year we make sure we go during November. It's a short but beautiful little hike.

And then right on our doorsteps another trail. We're so lucky to live here, and even luckier to have friends like Cameron and Katherine to join us.

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