Monday, March 11, 2013

Super Dad!

My mum left last week and we're all very sad to see her ago. She was here for almost 3 months, helping to take of the boys. Having an extra pair of hands was amazing, and given we don't have any family around it's not something we ordinarily enjoy. Rich and I even managed a trip to the cinema! Returning to work - as I mention all of the time - has been super difficult. There's a reason - lots of them, in fact - why other countries have paid maternity leave policies, and the US just simply lags behind. Staying home simply isn't an option for me, but we did decide that once mum left that one of us really needed to be here until Charlie is a bit older. So Rich is now staying at home - and today was his first full day with both boys! Rafi goes to school 3 days per week but on Mondays Rich has both of them...

I have to admit that I was very impressed! He took the boys out to the local open gym this morning, ran some chores, and then went back out again to do grocery shopping, and then I returned to home-cooked chili, salad, and crusty bread. 

I get home so late on a Monday and I'm now snuggling with Charlie on the couch. He's fast asleep and Rich is putting Raf to bed. Life is crazy and busy but these boys are the best. 


  1. Sounds like having Rich home for a time will be so helpful for all of you. I think it's nice for Brian that I stay home and take care of the cooking and typically most of the household stuff (although he's taken on more right now). Cute pictures!

  2. Thanks, J, it really is nice! (though not being poor!!)
    And I was going to message you and then I remembered you wouldn't see it until Sunday - but I am soooooo happy all is going well! When is the big scan? And any guesses as to the sex? I'm thinking a boy and a girl! Can't wait to meet these twins! xo

    1. Although we weren't supposed to find out and it's very unofficial, I am very confident Baby B is a boy because I didn't avert my eyes when he showed his legs/butt yesterday. Baby A had his/her legs crossed the whole time and either way we wanted to find out with gender cakes (pink/blue filling) and Brian's not happy that I ruined half the surprise. :)
      My big anatomy scan isn't actually until 22 weeks but I have an 18 week scan 2 weeks from tomorrow. I have to have at least monthly scans since they're twins and yesterday's was just to check on my SCH. I can't wait to meet them, either although I'm enjoying my time to read while I have it. I had thought boy/girl but now I'm sort of nervous if we get 2 boys since I have no brothers and in general feel incompetent to parent a boy. I don't really care, though, I mean I just really want them both to be healthy and outlive me.

  3. This is lovely to hear. I wish you well, Richard! This will be time to treasure with the boys and I know it will mean so much to them. I'm sorry you're missing your mum, Alex--how wonderful she was able to stay so long!!!

    Wishing all of you luck with the new arrangement!

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