Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Rafi!

A little late, but Raf's birthday was on Thursday, July 7th! We're still wondering how on earth he reached this tender, yet seemingly old age. Unfortunately the poor little guy has been covered in a hideous rash for quite a while. I took him to the Dr's last week and they thought it was a viral rash, but it wasn't getting better, only worse, and it was pretty dreadful on his actual birthday. We were planning a few things, such as going to a summer concert with some friends, as well as heading to North Conway for a trip to Story Land, but everything was put on hold as we needed to make a Dr's appointment on the Friday... he was finally diagnosed with Pitiriasis Rosea - a rash that can last for up to 3 months! Fortunately he already seems to be doing better, though he has had the rash for over three week already.

Anyway, it meant that his birthday was sort of disorganized but we had a super day anyway,

We began the day with a birthday run. Raf really loves these little jaunts, especially when we stop at the supermarket for balloons and dried pineapple and a run around the aisles.

Running with balloons when we arrived home.

The it was immediately on to the big gift we'd bought Raf. I have to confess that we did go a little overboard with the ol' gifts. We had planned on just getting him a slide, but the truth is this kiddo adores, and I mean ADORES, trains. I found a really lovely wooden table train set that someone had recommended and we just couldn't resist. Honestly, it was worth it because he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the train set!

After we managed to get Raf away from his train set we headed to the lake for a picnic.

Raf is turning out to be a little fish. He LOVES the water. Before we'd even finished our lunch Raf suddenly got down from the picnic table, picked up his hippo water-ring, and started walking off toward the water, thus signaling to us that he was off for a swim!

After a couple of dips into the lake we headed home for a birthday tea... He walked in the door, pitter pattered over to his toys and then it suddenly dawned on him that he had a new train set and he literally ran - squealing - into the spare bedroom where it's set up! It was very sweet!

We managed to eventually pry him away from his trains by showing him us new slide!

Once again we managed to get Raf to come in from sliding, and we had our birthday tea! I have to confess this was badly organized as we weren't planning on a tea, we were planning on going to a concert and we didn't even have a cake! Our oven has not been working so we didn't even know if we could make one. As luck would have it the oven turned on and Rich whipped up an amazingly yummy chocolate cake! I iced it and we were ready to go... (homemade icing by Rich, too!).

More gifts (he still has so many to open!!!!), some playing, and some candles.

And some more sliding before bed.... Great day all around, even with a nasty rash!


  1. reminds me of the time that mia got a viral rash (molluscum contagiosum - caught at local swimming pool) that lasted for 12 months (it can potentially last for years!) so unpleasant!!!

    i'm glad rafi had a fun birthday anyway.

    kate xx

  2. Happy Happy Birthday dear Rafi :-) What a wonderful birthday cake you got there! Lucky you to have such a lovely parents who adore you and encourage you always. God bless you three! Lots of love
    Raami and Raami's parents :)

  3. So glad he had such a wonderful day! He is such a beautiful boy. The train set is fabulous, too!!! I can't wait to see you so we can give him our present!! xoxo

  4. Happy belated birthday Rafi! I love the new train set!

  5. I can't believe he's already TWO. Happy belated birthday!!!!!