Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome... a mini intro

Welcome to our new blog!! By 'our' I mean me, Rich (my husband), and Poppet (our name for the little one who's yet to be born). I should also include our two Westie pups - Kiltie and Sammy - and their kitty sister, Daphne.

This is, then, our first baby... I'm 32, Rich is 34, and we've been together for almost 15 years, married for almost 7 of those. We're living in Maine, USA, though we're both from England. I'm a college professor and Rich is a case-manager for a human services organization. We live in an old, rambling (i.e. falling down) farmhouse, which always needs acute attention, and while pregnancy has awakened some melancholic homesickness, we love Maine and are set to stay here for a while longer.

Before pregnancy (which is how I'm currently measuring my life) I was a very health conscious vegan. I rowed, I road biked, I mountain biked, I hiked, I played tennis, I walked the pups...

Oh, things have really, really changed around these parts. Who knew that little Poppet could have such a profound affect at such an early age...


I've been feeling a bit regretful that we didn't start a blog or a diary before now. Partly it was because I didn't want to tempt fate by writing about how excited and happy we are, only for something to go wrong, but mostly it's because I've been dealing with some rather nasty morning sickness... aka ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT nausea and vomiting. I will no doubt write lots more about the sickness as misery loves company and I've been feeling very, very sorry for myself.

Yesterday, though, I experienced my first vomit-free day in a couple of months (thanks to some hardcore anti-nausea drugs), and I feel as though I've gotten some of that second trimester energy everyone tells you about, but you never, ever quite believe in because you're barely functional the preceding months... But maybe a corner has been turned.

let's hope!

I'm hoping to write most days from here on out

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  1. I've arrived at to you and so happy for you both x